Packers coach outraged over ringing cell phone

Packers coach Mike Sherman cut today’s pre-practice press conference short when a reporter’s cell phone rang during the conference. Sherman did what I’ve always wanted to do when someone’s phone rings at the most inopportune time; he left and scolded the entire press core. I support him for his decision.

However, Dan Pompei of the Sporting News disagrees. He mentioned that cell phones are a necessary evil today. I agree that cell phones are necessary for many. But many modern phones have “manner” modes that allow a silent, vibrating ring, so I don’t buy his argument. I have been in quiet settings where my phone has rung in manner mode, and nobody was the wiser.

I truly hate owning a cell phone, and I don’t use it often. If and when I do need to use it in public, I use it in an inconspicuous area and normally keep my voice down. If it rings and I’m busy because I’m with someone, it is usually in manner mode and gets ignored; that’s why I have voice mail. I would prefer others do the same when they are around me; failure to do so may result in my leaving (which many may prefer anyway). After cell rings, Packers hang up

The Sporting News editorial: Packers overreact to a ringing cell phone