My fascination with Harley-Davidson

I have always been a big fan of Harley-Davidson (H-D) motorcycles and the people that ride them. I’ll admit that I haven’t met a biker that I didn’t like; that’s especially true about Harley riders. I really admire the H-D culture as well because the people are totally genuine, or at least you know where they are coming from.

Ever since I was young, I had known Harley riders and befriended many of them. But my recent desire to become a part of it happened when I started looking for a letterman jacket. I discovered that Harley-Davidson made one. I had an opportunity to stop at Capital City Harley-Davidson on Madison’s far east side with my friend Emil to look for the jacket. I found one that fit, so I bought it. But while I was shopping, I discovered how friendly the staff were, and the store has a lounge where customers can hang out. And as you walk in, there is the H-D showroom where you find yourself surrounded in a sea of chrome and V-Twin engines. Emil used to ride, so he explained a lot of the features and advantages of H-D motorcycles. I was then invited to sit on one, so I accepted. Although I was a little intimidated at first (especially with handling a motorcycle that cost more than my car), I felt very comfortable. After sitting on a few bikes and listening to Emil, I decided that it was time to pay for my coat.

As I paid for my coat, I asked the sales associate if I had to own a Harley to wear the gear. She replied, “no, but if you want to learn how to ride, we hold a course that teaches you how to ride.” After learning a little and thinking about it, I decided to take the H-D Rider’s Edge New Rider course.

I learned how to ride on one of the hottest weekends that summer. At first, I found it challenging, but I eventually became comfortable and passed the skills test. The following week, I passed the written test at the local Division of Motor Vehicles service center and received my driver license motorcycle endorsement. Although I didn’t plan to purchase a bike soon, I realized that I enjoyed riding so much that I now plan to eventually own one.

I decided that I wanted a picture of myself with my guitar on a Harley. Capital City Harley-Davidson has a wall of fame of people with bikes, but they don’t have anyone with a guitar. The opportunity for me to have my picture taken arose during today’s Rider’s Edge reunion. After the event, I started talking to one of the motorcycle sales associates. He was helping another customer, and while he pulled a 2006 H-D Street Bob in Black Cherry out for the customer, he was nice enough to take my picture (the customer was test-driving a Sportster 1200 at the time). So here’s a special thanks to Marc at Capital City Harley-Davidson for helping out and taking the picture.

By the way, I haven’t told my family about learning how to ride or my desire to own a bike. If you know any of them, please help me keep my secret… I’d like to surprise them someday.

My Strat, a Harley-Davidson 2006 Street Bob, and me... can life be any better?