The need for health care reform cannot be any clearer

Senator Herb Kohl (D-Wisconsin) was in the state this week talking with small business owners about his plan to help them cope with skyrocketing health care costs and coverage. But the business owners’ message was more straightforward than that: they suggest a major change in the nation’s health care system. I don’t disagree; health care costs have grown exponentially over the last few years. Every politician knows this, but none have approached the issue directly. The Appleton-Fox Cities Post-Crescent explains:

“While government continues to nibble around the edges of the problem – costs that are rising rapidly, hurting businesses and consumers, and affecting many levels of our society – the people want stronger action. They need it. In some cases, they’re desperate for it.”

So when can we expect some action from our elected officials? When do they stop beating around the bush and start attacking this issue head on? It wasn’t popular back in 1992 when President Bill Clinton made it part of his platform, but costs have gotten out of hand, and the record of those treated for health issues in the world’s richest nation is abominably abysmal.

The Post-Crescent article: Editorial: Small-business owners have message for all lawmakers