Wisconsin’s farm future and the agency that helps promotes it

I received a message from the Secretary at work today that included a column from the Governor. Governor Doyle applauded the agricultural efforts of Wisconsin and recognized how the residents are tied to farming, even if they aren’t farmers. Wisconsin’s agricultural industry generates $51.5 billion annually, and we’re investing in new initiatives, such as bio-energy, to continue expanding the industry. Wisconsin is number one in cheese production in the United States (thus the name “America’s Dairyland”), and has more specialty cheese makers than any other state. And it is the first state to pass legislation that will increase animal health surveillance. Furthermore, Wisconsin had strong consumer protection legislation that became the model for national legislation in the early 20 th century.

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Secretary Rod Nilsestuen e-mailed a note to recognize all of us employees today. His message was very meaningful:

“Although the work of the many DATCP employees who do much of the day to day work to help support this progress, doesn’t always create headlines, it is nonetheless important. Thank you for all you do.”

DATCP employees work very hard and care deeply about their work, and I enjoy working with all of them. So today’s blog is dedicated to all of my fellow coworkers.

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