Another tragedy in India

A few days ago, India was hit with another natural disaster. This time, a major monsoon hit the western coast of the country, dumping 37 inches of rain in many parts of the country. Over 750 are either dead or missing, including almost 400 in the major city of Mumbai (Bombay). Some died from falling buildings and landslides, while others died from electrocution due to falling electrical lines.

I have family in Mumbai, and I’m currently trying to see if they’re okay. In December, a massive tsunami hit the coasts of Ceylon and Chennai (Madras). Fortunately, my family was not home at the time, and they live several miles inland from the coast. However, my family in Mumbai are not as far from the coast (I visited them in 2001). So I hope that they are all fine.

I dedicate today’s blog to all of those in India and other parts of the world that are affected by the recent monsoon in India.

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