Bombings in central London

It’s September 11, 2001 all over again, but it’s July 7, 2005. This time, the target was London’s Public Transport. At least 37 innocent victims died, and another 700 are injured. This cowardly and despicable act of shear terror angers me and makes me realize that they hate many of us carry is absolutely pointless, stupid, and just outright f***ed-up!

My relatives are all fine, and I hope that they and the millions of others in and around London can bind together as Americans did after September 11, 2001, and realize the stupidity of hate and cultural ignorance.

I dedicate today’s Web log to the victims of the London Transport terrorist attacks and to all of the United Kingdom. I hope that they all can find a glimmer of light in this dark time. I also dedicate this blog to all of those that fight hatred.

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