Hasty e-mail messages

This past week reminded me of why it is important to spend time reviewing and editing e-mail messages before sending them off. Earlier this week, I committed the act of neglecting this important step, although the results were not detrimental. In the first case, I sent some instructions to coworkers about opening and printing some files on a shared network drive. The instructions were not clear, so some people were unable to open the documents and print them. In the second case, I asked someone to set up an appointment for either “tomorrow or Friday.” Tomorrow was Wednesday, but I sent the message at 10:30 on Tuesday night and the other person received it on Wednesday morning, so he thought tomorrow meant Thursday.

Both of these cases are perfect examples of the need to review your writing before hitting the “send” button. Otherwise, you may end up either confusing a group of people or really angering someone. I just can’t seem to stress it enough; I just need to better practice what I preach.