A poignant and altruistic Memorial Day column from Green Bay

I just learned that the Green Bay News-Chronicle will be shut down as of this Friday. It is certainly sad to see a quality community newspaper go out of business due to lack of sales and the acquisition by a major news conglomerate. In yesterday’s column, Bill Huber wrote a Memorial Day farewell that hit home with me. It’s not just a way of saying goodbye to all of the readers, a simple way of remembering why we celebrate Memorial Day, or a means of making a point about professional athletes holding out. He says more: we should overcome our petty lives for at least just one day and remember why we celebrate Memorial Day. The sacrifices that our soldiers made over the past 230 years paved our modern ways of life, yet we continuously take our liberties and luxuries for granted. Huber is right on the money, and I hope that he and his colleagues manage to find ways to continue to contribute to the press.

I dedicate today’s blog to all of the soldiers that sacrificed their lives to protect liberty and that fought tyranny, and to all of those that never forgot their sacrifices.

Please note: since I don’t know the fate of the News-Chronicle’s web page, I’ve copied the file and converted it to a PDF. I’ve offered you the option of opening either linking to their site directly or opening the saved PDF.

Green Bay News-Chronicle’s Commentary: Out of business, but it could be worse (19.8 KB PDF)