Working with Outlook 2003 and Windows XP

I have used Microsoft Windows XP and Office 2003 at home for over a year now, and I started using Outlook 2003 at work a few months ago. Before then, I had Windows 2000 and Office 97 at work. When I used the older software, I was able to put a shortcut in my quick launch bar to start a new e-mail message without opening Outlook. Once the IT folks upgraded my PC to Windows XP and Office 2003, I lost my shortcut. After doing a lot of searching, I finally found a solution on Sean Daniel’s blog (listed below.)

It turns out that you just create a shortcut, type “mailto:” in the location box, and finish out the wizard. Then you drag the shortcut into the quick launch bar. For some added functionality, you can change the icon using the instructions listed in Sean’s site.

Sean Daniel’s blog – Mailto: Made That Much Easier

It’s nice to have a quick launch shortcut for a new e-mail message. but what if you also want a shortcut for a new appointment? There’s a shortcut for this also. I found a method on the forum listed below. Just follow the thread to the bottom (it’s a short thread). You’ll see how to create a shortcut for a new appointment, note, contact, and task.

Tek-tips forum – How to create a “New Message” from a desktop icon

And in case you’re interested, Sean Daniel has some other very useful tips to make your computing experience a little easier.