Web site navigation buttons

I’ve been trying to figure out why my site has not been crawled lately. I found an interesting article online from Metamorphosis Studio Design that explains it. My site uses a Server Side Include (SSI) for the navigation bar that you find on the left. Using this makes it easy for me to make changes to the navigation menu in one spot instead of on every single page. FrontPage handled this differently in a proprietary manner, so I never needed to know about SSI until recently. One of the goals of the new site was to use open standards so future migration would not become a major issue (such as moving from FrontPage to Dreamweaver). Unfortunately, using SSI for navigation buttons makes it difficult for web spiders to crawl a site.

The solution to my web crawling issue requires me to use static hyperlinks instead of an SSI for the home page navigation bar. So, I’ve made that change, which wasn’t too difficult. If this method works, then I might be able to place the Google search function back on the search page (although I might need to come up with an internal search function when I start using PHP).

Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to look at PHP or MySQL. I’m trying to learn the basics of Microsoft Project and Visio, as well as general database design and such. I think I have an idea of how to structure my database when I create it on MySQL, but that’s just a basic conceptualization right now.

Metamorphosis Studio Design article: How to Easily Create a Search-Engine Friendly Navigation Menu For Your Website