The sheer stupidity of animal rights’ activists

Peter Young was arrested for shoplifting and presenting false identification to police. He was also accused of releasing about 8,000 mink across three states in 1998 (that’s also theft). Now he sits in a Santa Clara jail awaiting trial. The jail has not been providing him with the meals that accommodate his vegan diet, and he refused to take a tuberculosis test because it contains animal products.

Well, if this shrub thinks he’ll be some kind of martyr, let’s look at the reality of it all. First, animal rights’ activists don’t think things through; instead, they act on their emotions. By releasing domesticated mink into the wilderness, Young has created one of two potential problems for the ecosystem.

The ecosystem in Wisconsin is not designed to support mink. It’s likely that they will destroy the ecosystem, especially if they breed (and mink are known for breeding). On the other hand, since the mink released were domesticated, they are likely unable to defend themselves in the wild. Many will certainly die a more violent death at the hands of predators than a humane one they would have faced on a farm.

I’ll admit that I dislike the killing of animals for fur. It’s sad that we allow it to happen, and I certainly do not support such an act. But by pissing off others, animal rights’ activists continue to undermine their own credibility and show the rest of us just how stupid they really are.

Additionally, Mr. Young was arrested for committing a crime. He should be punished aptly, so I don’t have any sympathy for him. I will call the Santa Clara jail and tell them that they’re right. It’s not about ethics; it’s all about the stupidity of animal rights’ activists. For further research, please see the movie “28 Days Later.” It may be a bit extreme, but I think it sends the right message.

Journal-Sentinel article: Man wanted in mink farm attacks caught