SBC-Yahoo! ups the ante over Google

I haven’t been keeping up on the tech news lately. But I read today that SBC-Yahoo! will start providing two gigabytes of space for each of its e-mail accounts. Subscribers can have up to 10 e-mail sub-accounts per subscription plus the primary e-mail account. That means that an account can have as much as 22 gigabytes of e-mail storage. It is probably in response to Google offering one gigabyte of space for its Gmail (which is still in beta-testing). I’m not a big fan of SBC, but I admire the fact that Yahoo has already crawled my site, unlike Google. I still use Google for most of my searching, though. So what is MSN offering?

Press release: SBC Yahoo! DSL and Dial Subscribers to Receive Huge Boost in Email Storage Capacity

Google’s Gmail service