Justifying my telephone land line

The following link offers one reason why I haven’t considered buying voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) telephone. Apparently Internet telephone service providers do not always provide 911 emergency service. If you’re not sure whether or not your service has 911, DO NOT CALL 911, but instead check with your service provider.

But why do I still use a land-based telephone. Wisconsin does not have Enhanced-911 for cellular/mobile phones. E-911 allows a dispatcher to pinpoint the caller’s location. Since Wisconsin does not have this service, I figured that I’d be safe with the old, reliable, tested technology of the traditional telephone. If I use it to call 911, the dispatcher will know exactly where I am. Fortunately, I haven’t needed to use it yet. I only wish I could find a working, inexpensive ,wall-mounted touch-tone telephone with a real metal ringer, especially one offered by the phone companies years ago.

NBC 15 Contact 15: Internet Phone Service Has 911 Complications