New blog and RSS coming

I started looking into creating an actual blog and RSS feed for my site. I realized that it is going to take more time for me to add to the site. That means that I’ll have to modify the site again. On its face, you probably will notice some minor differences, but the design will remain the same. Behind the scenes, though, I have to program a database and set it up. Since I’ve never done that before, it’s going to take me some time to learn about this before revising the site and add the blog and RSS feed.

I know I could’ve used something like Blogger or TypePad if I wanted a simple blog. But I already have a full-fledged web site (well, more or less), and I’ve already invested the time and money into Dreamweaver. I’ll continue to work on this as time allows (if time allows). I can’t determine when it’ll go live, though, but I’m definitely going to move forward.