Introducing Hayden

I was just minding my business, setting up a new RSS reader that works in Microsoft Outlook. I wanted to add my friend Jason’s RSS feed to my reader. So as I open his web site, I discovered that he and his wife are the proud new parents of Hayden. Hayden was born a few days ago on March 9.

I’ve known Jason for a few years. We were drinking buddies at Von Rothenburg in Germantown when we both lived in the area. I also met his wife Liz, and I realized that these two were genuinely great people. We became good friends, so I continued to keep in touch with him when he moved to Minnesota. In July 2003, I spent an evening with Jason and Liz when I went to the Metallica concert in Minneapolis. I also rely on Jason as a resource for my web site.

Jason and Liz had been trying to have children for a while now. It has finally happened, and I know that they will be wonderful parents. They are truly special people, and I am extremely happy and proud to write about this on my own web site.

By the way, RSS Popper works pretty well so far, although you have to download Microsoft .Net Framework version 1.1 (the developer has a link to Microsoft’s download site). I’m glad that I decided to finally enter the next phase of the online community and actually start using an RSS reader, and I’m really glad that my first RSS feed came from a friend that had great news. Now I just have to set up on my own site with an RSS feed.

Jason’s new son

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