Mayor Tom Barrett’s Vision – State of the City of Milwaukee

Having grown up in Milwaukee, I’ve seen it change from an industrial powerhouse into a struggling, service-based metropolitan area. Many people lost their jobs during the 1980’s when many of the manufacturers closed shop and moved south. That opened a door for crime, as well as the perception that crime was everywhere, because hard-working citizens were no longer working and becoming desperate. There were many residents that bought into the perception, so they decided to move to suburban areas in the surrounding area.

But there are also those that believe in the strength and will of Milwaukee and its people. They revitalized their neighborhoods, worked with the police and their neighbors to deter crime, started new friendships, and promoted the City. Mayor Barrett is continuing that effort and working with the communities to add jobs and clean up problems.

I don’t live in Milwaukee anymore, but it’s great to see that Mayor Barrett is working hard to move the City forward. I’m proud to say that I’m from Milwaukee, and that I’ll always consider it home. The following link will take you to the press release regarding his State of the City speech.

Press release of Mayor Barrett’s State of the City vision (opens a 172.3 KB PDF)