Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today we commemorate the life and work of one of the greatest civil rights leaders in American history. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the voice for all black American citizens to receive the same equal treatment as white Americans. He fought through his words and his nonviolent actions, which he adopted from Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi. His legacy lives on, and his fight continues. Today people of all races have made many great strides forward towards equal and civil rights. Yet I am constantly reminded of the bigotry that still exists in our country today because many people are so closed-minded that they act like barbarians. If we as American citizens truly believe in strong moral values, then we should look upon the words and work of Dr. King and remember that he didn’t fight for just black Americans, but for all Americans. Today’s blog is dedicated to the men and women who continue to struggle for the ideals that Dr. King fought to achieve. Let’s not remember today as just a day of remembrance, but as the first day that we will work to improve the civil liberties for all of those around us.

The King Center – The Meaning of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday