My 2005 Resolutions

Last year I published a list of resolutions for 2004. It’s now 2005, so I took the time to review my list and update it for the New Year. I’ll start with my 2004 accomplishments and move on to what I’d like to complete this year.

2004 resolutions accomplished

Eat healthier

I started off pretty well in 2004, and was able to maintain it for most of the year. But then I fell into the trap of finding convenience in the nearby McDonald’s drive-thru. Fortunately, they now sell salads. At any rate, I need to maintain eating healthier, and follow Benjamin Franklin’s lesson, “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.”

Be more active

I didn’t play as much golf again this year, but I made up for it by playing softball. I was pretty active for the summer, but I need to maintain it year-round. And I need to prepare for softball and golf this year.

Spend more time playing guitar

I think I made some pretty good strides playing the guitar in the past year. I still want to learn more, so I keep plugging away.

Be more assertive

I managed to spend more time away from home this year by hanging out with friends. I also dated for a while (no, really). I also managed to show people that I’m really a fun-loving, nice guy.

Keep the apartment clean

I cleaned it, but it became messy again. I plan on doing some major cleaning this spring, so I hope to be done with this before the middle of the year. The other trick, of course, will be to maintain it.

Be less cynical

I had a rough time when I was put at-risk earlier this year. Yet I managed to see a silver lining in losing my job, though, and I landed on my feet in a job that I truly enjoy. Perhaps I’m not as cynical as I thought I was.

Meet that special someone

I managed to meet some people this year, but things didn’t work out. At least I tried, though… that counts, doesn’t it?

Finish my desk

I had the desk finished and installed by March of this year. Consider this one done.

Read more

I managed to spend some time reading this year. However, I didn’t spend as much time as I wanted to. It’s that darned television and the new DVR that will make this more difficult to accomplish throughout the year.

Finish my web site redesign

I just published the site in early December, so this is another finished resolution.

Complete my England vacation scrapbook

I never started putting together an actual paper scrapbook, but I managed to publish an electronic version on my site. I’d consider that an accomplishment.

It’s pretty obvious that I managed to work towards my goals in 2004. But I have more to accomplish in 2005. Some are repeats, while others are new initiatives.

2005 goals

Continue staying healthy

I’ve got a couple of minor health issues, so I want to attack those and get myself into better shape. This will require remaining active year-round and really trying to keep away from the burgers, fries, and sweets. It’s time for some winter activities.

Keep playing the guitar

I love to shred. I don’t think this will be a problem. But I still have a lot to improve upon, and much more to learn. I plan on working harder on remembering those long Metallica solos.

Improve my wardrobe

I managed to purchase new clothes for work, but I don’t have much in terms of just casual, yet dressy, clothes. If I had to go on a date tomorrow, I’d pretty much be limited in what to wear. Hooded sweatshirts and Metallica T-shirts just won’t cut it. It’s time for some new shirts and pants.

Keep improving my analytical skills

I realize that I still have much to learn in my current job. In time I’ll understand more about my agency and the things that need to be accomplished in order to make everyone’s lives easier, including our customers (that is, the citizens).

Keep reducing the clutter

As I stated earlier, I managed to clean the apartment, but it became messy again. I have no excuses now that I have a desk to help keep me organized. I’ll keep clearing things out and prepare to really start looking for a new place to move (it’s time to start building equity in a house).

Keep adding content to the new site

I want to keep the site fresh, so I have to continue adding content that’s worth reading. Due to my work on the new site redesign, I didn’t write any new soapbox articles after January. I also want to complete the article on building my desk, and I’m thinking about doing more with the blog (although I’m still not sure I want to have people responding and posting to the site yet). I’ve had a lot of positive feedback on it, so I hope people continue to find the things I publish either useful or entertaining.

What are my chances in 2005?

I’ve already started down the right path, although I had a few slip ups along the way. My list this year is much shorter than it was last year, showing that I managed to really get into some positive habits. I have some challenges ahead of me, but I’m working on them now so I can keep them going strong throughout 2005.