The earthquake and the tsunamis in the Pacific

The earthquake near Indonesia created some monster tsunamis. These tsunamis are hitting the coast of many countries, including India. The death toll in the area is estimated at 24,000 as of this writing. India’s casualties are currently estimated at 6,600. Among the areas hit were Chennai (formerly Madras), where my father grew up. I have an uncle and aunt that live there, but I don’t know what if they are alright. I had the opportunity to see my Uncle Girish and Aunt Taru when I was in India in 2001. I appreciated all that they and their sons Anand and Harsh did for me. So this blog is dedicated to those that died from this natural disaster, to their families, and to those that are wondering right now. May we all find peace in this horrible tragedy.

BBC News: India quake wave death toll rises