New site design up

If you’ve been to my site before, you’ve probably noticed that it has a new look. That means that I’ve completed the site redesign and published it.

What’s new? Well, if you’ve visited the site before, you can tell that I’ve really given it a clean look. I had a list of buttons on the left, a dark background (no, I haven’t lost my heavy metal roots), and some really bad inconsistencies. Big coding changes include using cascading style sheets. I’ve also chosen to use either Verdana (for Windows users) or Helvetica (for Mac users), which is better looking than the old, blah-looking Arial (Windows font). If your computer doesn’t have either of these, I still have a default sans-serif set up. I also played around with some new colors (not that I’ve used much). Finally, I’ve added some new footer links at the bottom, including a brief explanation of the dragon.

Don’t get me wrong; this was a huge undertaking. Over the last two years, I added a lot of information and pictures to my site. Although redesigning the look took me very little time, migrating everything from the old site to the new one lasted several months. Add to that the fact that I had to check all of the coding, and you can imagine that my eyes are practically burned out!

Despite all of the work I’ve put into this new design, I still would like feedback on what you think. Please use the link below to find out how to contact me. Please be patient as I continue to debug some things.