New digital video recorder

I’m a television freak… I can’t seem to live without it. But I hate missing television shows, and I really don’t like using VHS tapes over and over. So I subscribed to the digital video recorder (DVR) service from my cable company. It’s actually a multi-media device manufactured by Motorola that uses the MOXI system (MOXI apparently won a technical Emmy). Basically, it’s like a ReplayTV or TIVO, but it works through the cable company. So I’ve already paused live television, recorded a couple of shows, and even gone back to catch the beginning of a show that I missed (you have to leave it on that channel for this feature to work, and it only goes back an hour). It’s capable of recording two programs at once (but you have to watch one of them). The remote control and menu system are much better than the previous digital cable system. And although I’m not using them, it also has a built-in cable modem and four USB ports (reportedly for future expansion).

My only complaint, though, is that I had to disconnect my DVD player. Since I already have the Xbox and a DVD player in my PC, I figured that I could make the sacrifice. Fortunately my television has three inputs, so I haven’t lost my VCR yet (old technology is tried and true). But I also lost the cable connection to my VCR (my decision). In fact, I’m keeping the VCR in case I decide to move forward with a video editing project. Also, I can no longer use my television’s picture-in-picture feature, unless I reconnect the antenna. Knowing me, though, I’ll probably get confused if I try that.

My cable installer was great as well. He gave me the option to install it using S-Video and ran through the entire set up for me. He also showed me all of the features. Amazingly, he was very patient with me and checked out my coaxial cable to make sure it would continue to work with the new device and my other cable devices.

Despite some minor disadvantages, the new DVR is still very cool and loaded with many more benefits. The quality of the picture is great, and the system is just very simple to use. And my cable company’s customer service is just fantastic, and always has been since I started subscribing to them (it’s Charter Communications, in case you’re wondering). I’m glad that I made the decision to subscribe to this service. I’m sure it will come in handy in the near future.