That Christmas spirit

Christmas is upon us again. In less than a week, people will be flooding stores, shopping for the right gift for the year. And like the procrastinator that I am, I’ll be out there among the hapless shoppers.

A walk through the mall tonight reminded me that this dreaded season is upon us, and it’s coming sooner than I’d prefer. I call it dreaded because it seems that everyone on the planet is out shopping. That means long lines at the checkout, crowded parking lots, and just downright rudeness all around.

I grew up with this notion that the Christmas spirit is some “thing” that we should all feel, and that it’s a time of goodwill towards others. But after repeatedly going through the crap of the holiday shopping season, it’s become apparent to me that Christmas spirit is a load that I simply will not buy.

I don’t believe in a Christmas spirit anymore than I believe in a Sweetest Day. Instead, I believe that we should be friendly to others year-round, and we shouldn’t need a holiday to remind us of that. Personally, I live by this idea. I always try to help when I can and say hello whenever I see someone I know (and even when I don’t know them).

So if you do believe in Christmas spirit and try to be nice to everyone, don’t stop after the holidays. You may find that being nice to others year-round actually makes you feel better about yourself and the world around you.