Halo 2: Reclaiming your scorpion

I was driving around in the scorpion tank outside of the temple ruins and blowing away ghosts. I managed to destroy a variety of them, but one of the red elites managed to survive. He jumped on top of my tank, so I freaked and hit “x” to get out and beat him up. The next thing I knew, the elite was driving my tank and chasing me with it. I first ran to evade him and to kill some of the jackals. Then I found him, jumped on board, and found myself on the driver-side ledge. I was attacked by more jackals, and the scorpion gun was moving back and forth to knock me off. I ducked and shot the jackals, then I turned to face the driver hatch and hit “x” to open the hatch (when prompted to). I then repeatedly hit “b” to melee attack the elite inside. I knew I had him when I saw one of his arms fly out of the tank (and you wonder why it’s rated “M” for mature?). The scorpion was mine again!