ScreenSavers revamping

It was only two months ago that The ScreenSavers was revamped to meet the G4 demographic after it bought out TechTV. G4 is at it again with yet another revamping. People will be let go, including Yoshi (modding expert), Dan (technical advisor and LAN party technician), and Alex (co-host). Additionally, G4 decided to cancel Unscrewed with Martin Sargent (I admit that I almost never watched the show, but I always like Martin). I started losing interest in the show back in September after it migrated from San Francisco to Los Angeles and started focusing more on gaming. I’m a gamer, but I don’t game all that often. I have a short list of games that I enjoy playing, and I play them very infrequently. But as you’ve probably noticed on my site, I know a little bit about technology (I’m still maintaining that it’s a love-hate relationship).

When The ScreenSavers lost Leo as a co-host, I was a little upset because he was instrumental in making the show a great success. When the studio moved and Patrick decided not to move with it, I was even more upset. I have nothing against Kevin because he’s brilliant and very good in front of the camera, but he still needs a little guidance (stop telling people to use Kazaa, dude, unless you’re asking for the feds to knock on your door). Back then, the show was geared more towards a wide range of technology and had a very responsible crew on it. Since G4 bought it out and revamped it in September, I’ve found other things to do with my time. Perhaps that’s a good thing. But when I do watch the show, it just isn’t as fun as it was over a year ago.

I’ve always admired the work that Leo and Patrick did with The ScreenSavers, and I’ve admired everyone on the show because they all contributed to a balanced and informative program (I still miss Megan and Morgan). But with yet another revamping, I may give it one more chance, but I’ll probably quit watching it (I’m already down to two days a week, half of the time I don’t really watch it). If the producers were smart, they’d try to get a more general audience and try to air it on a national network or in some form of syndication.

In the meantime, I’m going to throw my support to Leo and his work on Call For Help on G4-TechTV Canada.