Halo 2 coming soon

Tomorrow, the long awaited sequel to the greatest game on the Xbox comes out. Halo 2 has had a ton of hype, and many reviewers have already given it their blessings. I’m pretty excited about it and have already preordered my copy. I already have a feeling that the minute I get it home and sign on to Xbox Live, the servers will be fired up and loaded with other gamers. So I’ll probably start off by playing the mission. I’ve updated my Xbox page to reflect that I’ve already purchased it, as well as other games to check out.

Work on the new site continues. I feel that I’m very close to releasing it. I only need to write a few more pages, gather a few more things, and test the site. My goal is to have it published before Thanksgiving (just don’t hold me to that). My worst case scenario is that it will be up and running by December. But it really is very close to completion.