Election Day 2004

Happy Election Day, America! I chose to vote early this morning to try to beat the crowds and get my vote into the cue early. When I arrived, the first thing I realized was that I wasn’t going to beat the crowds. I stood in line for 30 minutes! It was a little daunting at first to see a line running almost outside to the parking lot. Then it struck me: it’s very refreshing to see American citizens take pride in their civil liberties. This election seems to be a very important one, especially here in Wisconsin. It’s been a “battleground” state for some time now. What makes Wisconsin unique is its diverse mix of political ideologies and progressive thinking (our state motto is “Forward,” meaning that we prefer clean politics). It drives people to come out and vote in major general elections, and often in local elections as well.

So after standing in line for almost 30 minutes, I finally made it to the pre-registered voters table, grabbed my ballot, and cast my vote. I admit that it was not difficult, seeing how I had already made my informed decisions before today (actually, I made my informed decisions years ago and confirmed them again this time around). Walking out of the polling place made me feel proud to be part of a group of patriotic citizens, no matter how we all voted.