Happy Halloween 2004

Happy Halloween. Today, I’m dressed up as a Packers fan. Green Bay takes on the Washington Redskins at 1:00 p.m., eastern standard time. Despite a handful of injuries, Green Bay has shown a lot of vigor and flexibility in its last two games, resulting in a turn-around after a three-game losing streak in weeks two through four. Hopefully, they’ll have a three-game winning streak by the end of the day.

The Halloween party last night on Madison’s State Street ended less violently than last year, but it still ended with incidence. After some resistance to disperse at 2:30 and a bit of chicanery, police felt no option but to respond with spraying pepper spray into the crowds. Considering the alternatives (and it seems like there weren’t many), I think the police made the right decision. Law and order must be exercised to avoid crowds from getting out of hand, and the message sent must clearly state that fun is cool, but vandalism, violence, and stupidity are not. Fortunately the police used a method of maintaining the peace without using lethal force. Twenty years ago it would have been much worse; today, the rioters go home with a hard lesson and a memory they’ll hopefully never forget.

In other news, I had to rewrite a portion of my digital camera article. I recently learned (and realized) that megapixels on digital cameras are not as important as other factors. I’ve made changes to the tech-know article to reflect this and added two links that explain this in better detail (I can’t take credit for work I haven’t done).

In the meantime, I’m moving along on the new site. I am still working on adding content, fixing any pictures and adding them, rewriting, and making sure it all works. There is so much to review and rewrite, hence the length of time it takes to publish. But rest assured, it will (hopefully) be done soon. I’ve added a new screen shot (next to the picture of the desk) below to give you a better perspective of how the site will look when completed.

Today’s links:

Green Bay Packers home page

Wisconsin State Journal: Halloween 2:30 a.m.: Police clear State Street with pepper spray