An interesting development occurred between yesterday and today. The Milwaukee Public School (MPS) Board came under fire for allowing students to conduct get out the vote drives during class, so MPS Superintendent Andrekopoulos stopped it. Although the students may not be happy, I think this shows that decision makers are capable of realizing the impact of these activities and realizing that they should not be allowed.

The best part of the article below is the double-talk from the co-executive director of Wisconsin Citizen Action and the Wisconsin Citizen Action Fund (the sponsor for the activity). His comments are so “canned” that I want to read them with a can opener. One comment he makes is, “to call this partisan is to be ignorant of the facts.” However, one of the fliers that his group put out asks readers if they want, “lower health care costs or bigger profits for drug companies?” If that isn’t considered partisan, then someone get me back to Earth.

In any case, I think Superintendent Andrekopoulos made a smart decision. Using students for this purpose is merely an excuse for them to get out of school. Sure they probably learn a little bit about voter registration, but it doesn’t really teach them about the issues or the governmental process. Those are things that are best learned through reading and watching it in action. Of course, we can always rely on what German Chancellor von Bismarck said in the late 19th century: Watching the law making process is like watching sausage being made; once you see it, you never want to see it again.

In other news, I have a little more work to do on the new site, but it’s really moving forward. I still plan on having it ready by mid to late November.

Today’s link:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article: MPS pulls plug on student canvassing