More site updates, politics turn-off, golf and six degrees

Work continues to progress on the new site. For the past few days, I migrated my England trip pages from this site to the new design. It won’t look much different, but it will be up. One goal was to keep the picture tables in a similar format, since they look pretty clean and distinguish themselves from the text. After looking at the coding between this site and the new site (which uses CSS much more effectively), I managed to write in the properties into my style sheet to give it a similar look. Unfortunately, I still have some hand-coding to perform to get it to work. On the plus side, it’s going much smoother and faster than I expected. Using Dreamweaver has made the process move quicker than I expected. Earlier this week, I completed most of the Bio pages, including a new break-out of the hobbies pages. I expect to complete those by the end of the week. Overall, I hope to have the new site up by November or December (just don’t hold me to that yet).

I hope I’ve done my best to not discuss politics on my site, but I can’t resist mentioning something here. This morning, Bob Schieffer of Face the Nation (CBS News) stated what I’ve felt for a long time. He said that people typically say that they’re turned off by politics. But what he realized was that people are not necessarily turned off by politics, but are instead really turned off by the negative ads that the candidates run. I agree; in my experience, many people are unhappy when the person that they support slings mud at their opponents because it paints themselves in a less positive light. I think people want to hear solutions, not name calling. I’m with Schieffer on this one; the political campaign process should be turned around to make it more fun for the citizens to listen to and appreciate. Of course, I don’t support the alternative as a daytime talk show-style debate with fists flying and four-letter expletives being thrown out… that’s just an exacerbation. However, if this type of forum is used in the future, please note that I stated it first and want some compensatory credit (please make checks payable directly to me). 😉

On a more positive note, I got out and played nine holes of golf with my friend and former DOT coworker, Josh. There was another single player who teed off with us, Jose, from Panama. Jose was in Madison to visit his children, who went to school here and are now successful professionals, and his grandchildren. After talking about what we did, he mentioned that he was the brother-in-law of DOT’s Chief Legal Counsel, Jim Thiel (whom both Josh and I know well). Talk about a small world. It was great meeting Jose and playing golf with him. On a less positive note, I still suck, although I managed to pull off a bogey (it could’ve been par, but my putting is horrendous).