Election day is coming

On November 2, the polls will be open to the nation’s electing population to determine if the country is moving in the right direction. Previous elections have shown that young people (ages 18-24) usually do not turn out to vote like older people (especially the elderly). One group that may not realize that they can vote is college students that live in another state. What scares me is that most people focus on the national elections yet disregard local elections. I’ve always believed that local politics affect us more on a daily basis than national politics (unless you work in national politics). So today’s blog is dedicated to Rock the Vote, an organization that does not promote any particular party or candidate, but just wants to let young people know that they have a voice in one of the greatest democracies in the world.

Only one week after we vote in the national election, Halo 2 comes out! I’m sure every Xbox owner is excited. Fortunately, it doesn’t release until after the election, so you can’t use your Xbox as an excuse for not voting!

Today’s Links:

Rock the Vote: www.rockthevote.com

Information for students: http://www.rockthevote.com/rtv_campuscampaign.php