My dad’s laptop, my grandmother

My dad purchased a laptop a few months ago and asked me to set it up. I finally found the time to bring it home and have at it. Since he already had some things on there, I had some cleaning to do. Fortunately, he didn’t connect it to the Internet and didn’t have any real problems. I have more work to do, so work on the new site is on hold. I may have to push its release to sometime past October.

My grandmother is not doing well. She currently lives in San Francisco. My parents went there to visit and to provide some moral support. I remember when she first came to the US. My parents sponsored her from the Philippines. I was six when she arrived, and I remember being very eager to meet her. She stayed with us for several years. I was sad when she left for California with my Uncle Greg and Aunt Sylvia (neither were married at the time). I had the chance to see her again several times since, but she has had difficulty in staying healthy in recent years. So, my prayers go out to her and my family. Today’s blog is dedicated to her.