My new job at DATCP

Labor Day has come and gone, and I’ve started a new job! I’m sure you’re all wondering how my first day went at the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Well, it was definitely different. I was briefed on just a few things that I’ll be working on, I met many of the staff in the division, and I got e-mail and my telephone set up and working. I also managed to get right into the job and start learning about a couple of issues a little more in depth. People there so far seem very friendly, and I have some great people in the office. Traffic wasn’t bad either direction along the beltline, so getting to work and home each took 25 minutes.

I do have some computer issues, though. Although DATCP supports my PDA (as well as tablet PCs), I am now using Windows 2000 (I used XP at DOT and I use it at home). I also became a little spoiled by the 19-inch monitor at DOT; I’m now using an older 17-inch monitor (I swear that it predates my ViewSonic monitor at home). Finally, I’m using Office 97, whereas I used Office 2000 at DOT and Office XP at home. It’s dated technology, but I’m sure I’ll manage. It was only a few months ago that I migrated from Windows NT to XP in my previous job.

Although I pretty much ignored my computer over the three-day holiday weekend, I did manage to work a little more on the new site. However, there is still a lot more to work on. I hope to do more over the next couple of weeks. If so, I may publish the new site as early as October.

For those of you wondering, I did manage to buy a new football game for the Xbox. Based on the reviews and what my former supervisor recommended, I purchased ESPN NFL 2K5. After learning how to play it, I was actually really impressed. For the price, it’s definitely worth it.

Finally, I’m going with a somewhat new format for the blog and other articles. Rather than have links within the regular text, I will now put links at the end of the blog. I have two reasons for this: first, reading flow will not be interrupted, and second, it will make migrating these articles to the new site easier. I don’t plan on making these modifications to articles that I’ve already published, though. So, today’s link is below:

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