E-mail code fix

After racking my head to figure out what was wrong with why the e-mail links on my site didn’t work, I realized that there is a way to find out why the script doesn’t work in FireFox. So, I ran it (under Tools – JavaScript Console) and discovered that I wrote the code improperly. So it is all fixed now.

In the meantime, the work on the e-mail form is moving forward. I’ve learned a little about how to set up a CGI script to send e-mail to a specified address. I have more to learn about creating forms without using FrontPage, so it may be a while before the e-mail form is up.

I’ve already begun the weeklong countdown to my last day at the Department of Transportation. I’ve got mixed feelings, because I am excited about the new opportunity, but I’m also going to miss all of the people that I work with. But with moving on to new responsibilities, I really can’t wait. Over the next few days, I will collect some thoughts about what I’ll miss about working for DOT and post them here this weekend.