Metallica Some Kind of Monster

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster (SKOM) here in Madison since the end of July. Initially, Metallica’s web site listed its release on August 6. That later changed to August 27. So here I was wondering what my future would be and hoping to get a chance to see this highly rated film. Now I know, I’m disappointed that I may not see this movie.

I called the theater today to see if it was going to open this weekend. Unfortunately, due to dismal (more like unannounced) pre-screening turnout, the theater does not plan on showing it. The person I spoke to said that it may come out next week, but there’s no certainty of that.

I was actually hoping to give it some attention by posting the little SKOM graphic on my site’s navigation bar. I mean, it’s not a concert movie; it’s not Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remains the Same. Instead, it’s the bitter reality of what happened over the course of two years in the life of Metallica. They went through a series of tumultuous ordeals that came to blows in 2001. This film digs deep into the band’s heart and exposes the “monster” that needed to come out.

So I’m really turned off by this repeated “postponement.” I think the thing that bothers me is that the band is using a grass roots approach at announcing this film event. That’s pretty cool, because they’re getting their fans involved. But what ever happened to good old-fashioned television or radio advertising? Don’t think that Metallica couldn’t purchase some television ad spots and let the world know that there is a great story to be told. The film has received a variety of film festival selections and continues to receive great reviews from larger markets. That’s one big problem with living in such a small market city, though; it’s small and you don’t always get an opportunity to see something like this. I really can’t complain about where I live, though. Instead, I’m just upset that SKOM isn’t getting the attention that Disney’s America’s Heart and Soul received, despite its abysmal ticket sales (mind you, America’s Heart and Soul is a counterstrike to Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11).

If I don’t see it on the big screen, I hope Metallica releases it on video/DVD.

Now that that is off my chest, I also want to mention that I’ve finally completed (yes, that’s right, completed) the England scrapbook. Next up is the new site. Since I purchased Dreamweaver, I’ve decided to redesign the new site from the ground up (well, that plus I’ll still import existing items). I will spend the next few months working on it along with new features, such as the web site evolution and possibly building my desk.