My new position

I was informed on June 8 that my position (budget and policy analyst – advanced) in the Wisconsin Department of Transportation was at risk of being eliminated on March 31, 2005. That means that if I didn’t find a job by that date, I would be laid off. Although I knew that I had the least seniority in the office and that this would occur, it really hit me hard when I found out. So I was already seeking another position, but not much had surfaced.

After being placed at-risk, I became more active about looking for another position. One benefit is that people in this classification have a chance to compete for vacant positions before others can. The State has a web site that provides a list of positions to at-risk employees before it becomes available to others in state service. I found several opportunities to continue working for the State of Wisconsin on this site.

Among those positions was an Administrative Policy Advisor for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP, pronounced “dat-cap”). After interviewing and meeting with the Administrator of the Division of Management Services, I was offered the position. I graciously accepted (no, I didn’t do my Packers touchdown dance), especially since this position will provide me the opportunity to really advance in my career. I’m really excited because this is more than just a policy analyst; there will be some leadership/management involved. It’s also a new position, so I will have the opportunity to mold it into a really great position. Finally, I will remain in Madison (wow, I’ve lived here for almost four years already!!). I officially begin the new position on September 5, but my first day in the office is September 7 (due to Labor Day).

To commemorate, I’ve added the agency’s address to My Links. Of course, there’s still a special place in my heart for DOT, since it was my first professional position.