New Web host

I’ve moved! No, not physically; I’ve changed web hosts. The site address is still the same (, so no one should notice anything different. I was using ReadySetConnect to host my site, but things weren’t working out for me. I just signed up for Vizaweb, and the transition seems to have moved smoothly. Seriously, I was up in about an hour or so today (yes, it is Sunday).

I chose Vizaweb based on several factors, including prices, its location in Minnesota (I try to support the midwestern U.S. companies as much as I can), the very helpful salesperson (available on a Sunday afternoon), and good reviews regarding customer support. I did spend a lot of time reviewing many reports of different hosts. A very close second choice was midPhase, which is based in Chicago and also has both a very lucrative offer and great support reviews.

In the meantime, I haven’t done much on either the new site or the UK scrapbook. Because I’m now using Dreamweaver to develop the new site, I need to go through the migration process again. Some of this should not be difficult since I already have them in FrontPage, but I still haven’t redone the photos pages.

If you had any problems getting into my site earlier today, I really apologize (for some reason I couldn’t connect from home). The site is now active again, so enjoy.