More new site progress

I’m really making progress on migrating various things to the new site. I managed to renumber and add all of my soapbox articles, and the technology items will go through the same process. I am also updating the biography pages, and existing photo pages will need to be redone for consistency, so I still have a ways to go.

I plan on taking a different approach to the scrapbook pages, though. Instead of publishing all of the pictures that I can possibly post, I will focus on a very few. This should (hopefully) help make the site easier to load for visitors who use dial-up connections. Pictures of my family and friends will be dispersed through various pages between the biography section (“about me” and “my family”) and the scrapbook section (“trip to India” and “trip to UK”). The scrapbook will be more of a “memories” area (such as trips and special events), whereas other pictures will be related to the topic of the page (so pictures of myself and my family will be in the biography section, hobbies will be in the hobbies section, how-to will be in the particular technology or projects sections, and so on).

One thing I plan to avoid is using JavaScript to make pictures pop-up in separate little windows. They are not very difficult to code, but they are pretty annoying for visitors. Pictures will instead appear in a new page, so you can use your back button to return to the previous page, as is the case with older scrapbook pages. Although I will still have JavaScript on the site, you just won’t notice it as much as before. Fortunately, I’ve learned enough about Cascading Style Sheets to add some other automatic functionality to the site.

I am still debating if I should add some sort of site map to help visitors find specific items. However, a search feature (powered by Google) will also be added. I think the navigation bar is useful enough, but I may add a map of some sort to better define some of the pages.

Regarding the current site, I’ve finally updated and added a new Tech-know article. After dealing with PC security questions, I finally put together a Computer Security write-up. Hopefully I’ve added all of the important information that most home users need to know about protecting themselves from various bad things that can happen. Of course, it doesn’t do any good if you don’t actually implement them, so be safe and protect yourself and others from malicious technology events. Hopefully I’ll have some time this weekend to add another two or three pages to the England section. I also hope that the table of contents and the navigation bar at the top are helpful.