Site republished

I’ve managed to republish my web site tonight. If you had any problems visiting it earlier, I really apologize. It should be up and running now. I haven’t spent much time on the other site, though, because I’m helping a friend out on a project.

After about two months of a friend asking me if I’ve posted my desk with the computer on it on the site, I’ve remembered to check. I also apologize for not posting this sooner. See below to view a picture. I also placed a picture of the desk in the projects page, but I haven’t done much with the page since April. Add that to the list of things I need to complete for the new site (yikes!).

I realized that there is a lot of scrolling through the England scrapbook, so I added a table of contents to the opening page. I also added a little number guide to the top of each page so that you can jump to a particular day. Of course, if you need to know what I did on a certain day, you can visit the home page to find out. I hope to add more pages later this week (yeah, wish me luck).