Choosing UK pictures

I’ve been working on selecting the pictures for the UK scrapbook, but there are just so many pictures! When I took them, I didn’t exactly keep count, so now I’m choosing from almost 500 shots. I didn’t want to add all of them because of limited server space. But there are just so many pictures! Anyway, I’ve been rethinking my approach and limiting the number of pictures that I will post. I managed to complete two more pages, and I managed to clean up one that I missed last week.

I took the time to see M. Night Shymalan’s new movie, The Village. It was very odd, but I really liked it. The acting was very remarkable, and the story was really great. As you would expect, the story did seem a bit slow at times, but watching it to the end put everything into perspective. What else do you expect from Night?

If you saw my site yesterday, you know that I spent some time working on the redesign and completed a new look for it. I will keep it below so people can continue to look at it and provide me feedback.