More site fixes

I had to make a few more fixes to My Links. I added one of the most informative sites I’ve ever read. Howstuffworks tells you how stuff, well, works. Although it covers technology, it also covers money, people, science, health… a whole lot of things. I also added the founder’s blog, Marshall Brain, to the list. He knows a lot about technology, but his site was probably one of the coolest information sites ever created. His blog can be very entertaining, as well as sensible. Finally, I removed the old Worth magazine link that rated the best (and worst) charities and replaced it with two watchdog sites.

If any of you have been looking at the code for my site, you know that it’s full of unnecessary tags and such (I just realized it myself today). Although I’ve made some minor tweaks, I don’t know if I’ll clean up the unnecessary tags any time soon. I do plan on making sure that they don’t show up on the next site. I also need to rewrite some other stuff. I hope to have it ready by the end of the year, including the rest of the UK scrapbook and the site evolution. So how far behind am I?