More pictures, new guitar strings

I published yet another scrapbook page of my trip to England. I managed to convert more pictures for the page, but I have so many more to make web-ready. I hope to complete more in the next week.

I will be testing some new strings on my guitar. Elixir stings, made by W. L. Gore and Associates, are specially coated guitar strings that have a micropolymer layer over wound strings to allow them to resist contamination and corrosion over a period of time while providing the same tone as regular strings. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be playing them and making notes about what I think about them (as required by the survey). The first portion of the survey is due in a week, and the second is due eight weeks after I start playing the new strings. Although Gore makes two types of strings, the set that I received does not state which type I have. Instead, they’re called a “Developmental Sample,” which could be the type with “nanoweb” technology. It would seem unusual that a company that basically developed Gore-Tex would move into guitar string manufacturing, but Gore is known for its innovation with plastics.