Procrastinating on pictures?

I know… I promised that I’d post more pictures of my UK trip. However, I’ve been doing some other things. First off, I played golf yesterday (I have to get out at least once a year) and I basically vegged afterwards. Today, I did a little housework, managed to pick up a pair of new eyeglasses that I ordered last week, and walked to get some fresh air (and to pick up the glasses and have lunch). But I did manage to convert some photos to a “web-ready” format. However, it has been slow going (I know, it sounds like I’m procrastinating, doesn’t it?).

In the meantime, I did manage to finish Halo again, but this time in “normal” mode. I also tried out a couple of other new Xbox games, thanks to the demo disks that come with my subscription to Official Xbox Magazine. In fact, I’ve written about some games to look for and added them to My Xbox page. I’ve also added a list of contents with bookmarks so that you can find information on the page faster.