Working on UK pictures

After thinking about it this morning, I decided to start working on my trip to Great Britain. I chose a format that might make it easy and fun to learn by adding pictures in between the relevant paragraphs to break up the reading. Except for the introduction (which still needs work), the text was written and edited during and after my trip. I may need to tweak it a bit more, though, for better reading and clarity. I hope you enjoy learning my trip to Britain, including my first day. Depending on the feedback I receive (if I receive any), I’ll continue to use this format for the next pages. As time permits, I’ll continue to add information.

And why has it taken so long to get this far? The biggest obstacle is reformatting the pictures for the web, placing them in the appropriate location on the page, and adding text and alternative tags (for screen readers). Also, uploading a lot of pictures at once doesn’t happen quickly. I’d like to get two to four pages up per weekend day, but I won’t guarantee that it’ll happen. But I’ll try… really!!