New Web site format development

Okay folks, I’m really getting stoked about developing the next site. I need to work on a lot, so don’t expect it anytime soon. My game plan is to publish it by this winter, which gives me a few months to really work on it. I have ideas galore, but I’m narrowing those down. I have also been promising the online scrapbook of my trip to England and my web site evolution since last year, so I really need to spend time focused on those as well. After reviewing some usability items, I realize what direction I want to move.

However, I’m a little upset that I’ve lost my listing on Google. Why? Google lists pages based on content and on how often it is visited. Most of the content has not changed. But it seems that less people are visiting my site. So, I’m thinking of ways to keep this page exciting while not spending too much time on it. I’m still soliciting ideas for the future site. On the plus side, my site is listed second on Yahoo’s search and first on MSN’s new search. As it turns out, I’m also listed as one of the people that attended a WICORTS meeting on May 31, 2002 (yes, that really was me, not another person with the same name).

I am also excited about two job interviews next week. They are both in the Milwaukee area, so I may need to move if I get either one. That means that my e-mail address will likely change (yet again… but it’s been a couple of years). Don’t worry, I’ll remember to keep everyone informed.

For today’s wit I bought a new squeegee at Bed Bath and Beyond, then stopped in my local CompUSA to ask a question. Of course, I didn’t really think about the item I had in my hand until after waiting in line at the information desk for a minute. So when it was my turn, I couldn’t resist asking, “Is this the best tool for cleaning windows?”

Windows cleaner - thumbnail