Progress on the new site

I made a ton of progress on the new site. I’ve completed the new look, designed a new cascading style sheet, and added some more things for visitors. Of course there will be some very familiar things, such as the dragon at the top. Organization will also be familiar. But other changes are coming. At this point, it’s just a matter of migrating all of the pages over. I also promised to have my pictures from England and the site evolution up by then. So it will be a while before it’s all complete. But in the meantime, here is a screenshot of the new site index.

There are still some bugs to work out as well, but this gives you an idea of what’s coming up. As I’ve probably stated in the past, I hope to have this up by the end of the year.

More site fixes

I had to make a few more fixes to My Links. I added one of the most informative sites I’ve ever read. Howstuffworks tells you how stuff, well, works. Although it covers technology, it also covers money, people, science, health… a whole lot of things. I also added the founder’s blog, Marshall Brain, to the list. He knows a lot about technology, but his site was probably one of the coolest information sites ever created. His blog can be very entertaining, as well as sensible. Finally, I removed the old Worth magazine link that rated the best (and worst) charities and replaced it with two watchdog sites.

If any of you have been looking at the code for my site, you know that it’s full of unnecessary tags and such (I just realized it myself today). Although I’ve made some minor tweaks, I don’t know if I’ll clean up the unnecessary tags any time soon. I do plan on making sure that they don’t show up on the next site. I also need to rewrite some other stuff. I hope to have it ready by the end of the year, including the rest of the UK scrapbook and the site evolution. So how far behind am I?

Number one on Google again

I finally made it to number one on Google. Thanks to everyone who has visited my site to get the ranking up there.

The next article in My Tech-know is now available. Please click here if you’re interested in learning anything about choosing a digital camera. I also added some new games to my Xbox wish list and one more to watch for in upcoming titles.

More pictures, new guitar strings

I published yet another scrapbook page of my trip to England. I managed to convert more pictures for the page, but I have so many more to make web-ready. I hope to complete more in the next week.

I will be testing some new strings on my guitar. Elixir stings, made by W. L. Gore and Associates, are specially coated guitar strings that have a micropolymer layer over wound strings to allow them to resist contamination and corrosion over a period of time while providing the same tone as regular strings. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be playing them and making notes about what I think about them (as required by the survey). The first portion of the survey is due in a week, and the second is due eight weeks after I start playing the new strings. Although Gore makes two types of strings, the set that I received does not state which type I have. Instead, they’re called a “Developmental Sample,” which could be the type with “nanoweb” technology. It would seem unusual that a company that basically developed Gore-Tex would move into guitar string manufacturing, but Gore is known for its innovation with plastics.

Procrastinating on pictures?

I know… I promised that I’d post more pictures of my UK trip. However, I’ve been doing some other things. First off, I played golf yesterday (I have to get out at least once a year) and I basically vegged afterwards. Today, I did a little housework, managed to pick up a pair of new eyeglasses that I ordered last week, and walked to get some fresh air (and to pick up the glasses and have lunch). But I did manage to convert some photos to a “web-ready” format. However, it has been slow going (I know, it sounds like I’m procrastinating, doesn’t it?).

In the meantime, I did manage to finish Halo again, but this time in “normal” mode. I also tried out a couple of other new Xbox games, thanks to the demo disks that come with my subscription to Official Xbox Magazine. In fact, I’ve written about some games to look for and added them to My Xbox page. I’ve also added a list of contents with bookmarks so that you can find information on the page faster.

Working on UK pictures

After thinking about it this morning, I decided to start working on my trip to Great Britain. I chose a format that might make it easy and fun to learn by adding pictures in between the relevant paragraphs to break up the reading. Except for the introduction (which still needs work), the text was written and edited during and after my trip. I may need to tweak it a bit more, though, for better reading and clarity. I hope you enjoy learning my trip to Britain, including my first day. Depending on the feedback I receive (if I receive any), I’ll continue to use this format for the next pages. As time permits, I’ll continue to add information.

And why has it taken so long to get this far? The biggest obstacle is reformatting the pictures for the web, placing them in the appropriate location on the page, and adding text and alternative tags (for screen readers). Also, uploading a lot of pictures at once doesn’t happen quickly. I’d like to get two to four pages up per weekend day, but I won’t guarantee that it’ll happen. But I’ll try… really!!

New Web site format development

Okay folks, I’m really getting stoked about developing the next site. I need to work on a lot, so don’t expect it anytime soon. My game plan is to publish it by this winter, which gives me a few months to really work on it. I have ideas galore, but I’m narrowing those down. I have also been promising the online scrapbook of my trip to England and my web site evolution since last year, so I really need to spend time focused on those as well. After reviewing some usability items, I realize what direction I want to move.

However, I’m a little upset that I’ve lost my listing on Google. Why? Google lists pages based on content and on how often it is visited. Most of the content has not changed. But it seems that less people are visiting my site. So, I’m thinking of ways to keep this page exciting while not spending too much time on it. I’m still soliciting ideas for the future site. On the plus side, my site is listed second on Yahoo’s search and first on MSN’s new search. As it turns out, I’m also listed as one of the people that attended a WICORTS meeting on May 31, 2002 (yes, that really was me, not another person with the same name).

I am also excited about two job interviews next week. They are both in the Milwaukee area, so I may need to move if I get either one. That means that my e-mail address will likely change (yet again… but it’s been a couple of years). Don’t worry, I’ll remember to keep everyone informed.

For today’s wit I bought a new squeegee at Bed Bath and Beyond, then stopped in my local CompUSA to ask a question. Of course, I didn’t really think about the item I had in my hand until after waiting in line at the information desk for a minute. So when it was my turn, I couldn’t resist asking, “Is this the best tool for cleaning windows?”

Windows cleaner - thumbnail