Looking for work

Okay, I’ve mentioned that I don’t advertise on my site. But I couldn’t resist the Metallica tile on the left. I’ll keep it up for a short time, so click on it while you can. Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster is not a concert film, so don’t expect to watch them play on stage for two hours. Instead, it’s a documentary journey of what they lived through over two years up to the moment they released St. Anger. The film plays in Milwaukee on August 27, in case anyone’s interested. And in case you’re wondering, I am not receiving any funding for advertising it.

I’ve personally experienced some ups this week. I received a call from one potential employer, and I have an interview next week. I also spoke to my Department’s Deputy Secretary, and he is willing to let me use him as a professional reference and keeping his eyes open for possible opportunities. I have to admit that the support has been overwhelmingly positive. The Department’s Secretary has also given me permission to use him as a professional reference. I’m so surprised at the support that I’ve received from everyone in the Department.

Next week, I may commit some time to a piece of music that I started working on last month. The tough part has been working on the solo. Once it’s completed, I’ll post it out here.