At risk of lay off

Last week Tuesday, I was informed at work that my position is at risk of being eliminated. This basically means that I have until March 31 to find another job or face a lay off. But I knew that my position was at risk of being eliminated because it was determined by the biennial budget that my office would eliminate two positions, and I have the least seniority in my office. Yet, I was pretty scared. I mean, what if I don’t find another job? What happens to the stuff in my apartment? What about my lease? What will my next job yield?

Now you’re probably thinking, “wow, Brian, you have over nine months to find another position and work out all of the details.” That’s true, and I’m actually grateful that my agency decided to provide this much notice. Since I was put at-risk, I’ve found some good opportunities that I’m really pursuing. One is a supervisor position that I applied for before I was informed of my status. Another thing I thought about was moving near my family. There are times that I truly miss them, and after some recent events I would rather be near them than about a hundred miles away. Also, most of my friends live in Milwaukee. Finally, the opportunities I’m looking at are in line with the work I want to do, such as working in municipal government or supervising others.

So after a week of feeling a little blue about it, I’m feeling much better about things and realize that this is a push for me to move on. I still have time, but I’m not waiting until the last moment to act. I want to find something soon so I have a better footing and can really take charge of the next chapter of my life.

After over three years of working there, I have no regrets, and I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to work with so many talented and friendly people. I made many friends and acquaintances while living here, and I will really miss them if I move back home. I hope that I can continue using the skills I learned in my future endeavors.

In the meantime, I’m going to continue the job search, prepare myself for interviews, but also live my life. As I’ve stated, I have time, and I’m lucky that I was given this much time to worry about the future. But life’s too short for me to worry about it. I spent the last week going through the “grieving” process; now it’s time for me to look optimistically to the future.