Music interface for PC

Wow, I haven’t written since the beginning of the month! Where do I start?

I purchased an audio-interface for my PC last month so that I could better record my guitar on my PC. I actually tried to plug it directly into my soundcard, but a low-level buzz emitted from my speakers. So, I purchased the M-Audio FireWire 410. Since then, I started working on a piece of music. I have most of it done, but I’m working on a guitar solo to lay over the rhythm guitar.

Thanks to my guitar teacher, I also discovered a new piece of guitar tablature writing software called Power Tab Editor. It’s really great for writing your own guitar music, playing it back, checking your score, and printing a copy. The best part: it’s free! Go to to download this software (it only works on Windows 95 and later). I’m actually using this to work on that piece of music I mentioned above.

My family had a bit of a scare recently. My mother had unusually high blood pressure, so she was admitted to the hospital. She had a mild heart attack that was caused by a constricted artery (fortunately, the artery opened itself, which meant no operation). She’s feeling much better and has been on her feet since her release two days after being admitted.

I also have good news regarding my cousin’s daughter. Savita is the same age as my niece Isabel. She was diagnosed with a treatable leukemia a couple of years ago. She was going through chemotherapy for it, and my cousin was happy to announce that she had her last treatment earlier this month. Savita’s spirits have been really high, and I hope that she never has to go through that again. They will continue to monitor the cancer, but the outlook is good.

You can probably tell that I haven’t done much with this site. I also haven’t done much with the new site. I hope to find time later this year to make some significant updates. Of course, if you know me, you know that I won’t make any guarantees. However, I did update some information on My Xbox page.

Work has been keeping me busy as well. We’re starting the biennial budget process, so we’ll be busy for a while. In the meantime, I have the weekend off (including Memorial Day), so I’ll have some time to recharge.

And speaking of Memorial Day, I just want to dedicate today’s blog to all of the soldiers that gave their lives while serving our country (that’s the United States, in case you didn’t know where I live). May their sacrifice remind us that liberty is something we should all cherish and work hard for, and that tyranny and hatred have no place in our hearts.