Metallica concert in Madison rocked

I must be in shock still from Sunday night’s Metallica concert. It was just wicked cool! The band was in prime form, and they played a huge mix of tunes, old and new, which all blew me away. It was probably the best concert I’ve ever been to (not that I go to many concerts). I also have to admit that I really liked Godsmack, who opened for Metallica. But the highlight was just watching James, Lars, Kirk (my hero), and Rob just jamming for about two hours straight. They were true to their fans, their music, and their form (heavy metal, dude, yeah!!). I almost wish I could live that night over again!!

So, I did the next best thing… I purchased a copy of the show from Metallica Live. I downloaded the free lossless audio codec (flac) version, converted it using dbpoweramp, copied it all into iTunes (and had to add the song info to each track), and uploaded it to my iPod. I also burned a CD (which is encouraged on Metallica’s site) for the car. So now I can relive that night… without the crowds, the cheap beer, and the ear-ringing (uh, well, if I turn it down).

I’ve also been working on some new material for the site. If you haven’t noticed, I now have a Tech-know button on the left. Since I’ve been writing a lot about technology lately and giving advice at work about this stuff, I’ve chosen to create a separate page dedicated to the work I’ve done. Now people can visit this site and find this information (well, based on my experience) in one location. Enjoy.