Photoshop Elements quickly mods pictures

I managed to complete both the scrapbook pages for Charlie’s birth and Easter. I recently discovered a quick way to convert my photos from their regular format to web friendly thumbnails and images using Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, making the work much easier. This feature is also available in version 1.0 (which I’ve used for the last couple of years), but it isn’t as robust as the newer software. There are other very cool features in 2.0 that make it worth having. Since I’m no professional photographer and don’t manipulate images heavily, I don’t see the need to purchase a full version of Photoshop. Plus, Elements has many of the features of the full version, but they’re usually hidden. Anyway, I’m happy I completed these pages. I’m really happy to show off my new nephew as well as my nieces. I’ve already warned my sister about my plans to influence his healthy heavy metal enjoyment!